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Promise, Guarantee and Benefits

Our Promise to you:

  • We are easy to do business with.
  • We endeavour to always respond within 24 hours.
  • We are approachable and respectful.
  • We will listen and respond in an honest and accurate manner.
  • We will provide globally accredited qualifications and professional development that are relevant to you.
  • We provide independent and non-political advice.
  • Our course fees are all inclusive - there are no hidden charges.

Our guarantee:

If, after the first module you are not satisfied, simply return your materials to us and we will refund you.


Key benefits to you in studying for the Diploma of International Trade:

  • Prestigious, internationally accredited professional qualification
  • Practical learning materials written by exporters for exporters
  • Distance learning so you can study at work, home or while travelling
  • Personal support from our team of qualified and experienced practitioners - finalists in the VERO Excellence in Business Support Awards
  • Free access to our unique, specialist Export Library & Information Service


Key benefits to your business in studying for the Diploma of International Trade:

  • Immediate application in the workplace - training increases productivity
  • Reductions in costly errors through better knowledge and skills
  • Growth in your exports through informed decision-making
  • Improved credibility with customers and differentiation from the competition by building a professionally qualified and experienced staff
  • Skilled people are more adaptable - so you can diversify to survive
  • Training sends a powerful message to your staff that you value them.


The New Zealand School of Export is the sole provider in New Zealand:

The New Zealand School of Export is the sole provider of the internationally accredited Certificate and Diploma of International Trade in New Zealand.

The School is a Charitable Trust - so we constantly re-invest in our training programmes, in scholarships, and the service we can provide to you rather than worrying about profits and keeping shareholders happy.

Our staff know what you are going through!

School staff are all professionally qualified and experienced in their field. Plus, Personal tutors have all completed the Diploma of International Trade by distance learning, while working full-time - so we will have a real understanding of what you are going through.

Through the School you will access a network of Adjunct Faculty - all highly experienced exporters.

What next?

If we sound like the people you want to work with in growing your export business, read more about about : What you can study with the NZ School of Export.

Sometimes, it helps to talk through your options. You need to be sure that you are making the right decision before you enrol and we at the School want that too. Check out what our exporters say, read the results of our Satisfaction Survey and then - call us on 06 356 5656 or email: info@export.ac.nz and we will call you back. We don't bite, we just want to help you make the best decision for yourself and your business.

Feel free to download our information pack:  New Zealand Residents: Information Pack.pdf

International Residents: Information Pack - International.pdf

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