24 June 2024

Milestones - 2015

2015 is shaping up to be the breakthrough year for the School, with our reputation for outstanding success in bringing our exporters up to world class now being increasingly talked about both here and overseas.

Our organizational culture of relentless continuous improvement and innovation is now leading the way in growing our exporters.

It has been said that the best time to train people is in a recession, so as to take market share from those overseas competitors who have gone bust or who are cutting back.

Rom continues his regular column for Exporter magazine and new staff member Jason MacLulich will be developing new IT tools for exporters to use, as well as helping the School to utilise frontier technologies.

This year we will also be actively seeking government support for a nationwide export growth initiative aimed especially on the regions so as to boost local economies with new businesses and new employment opportunities.

Staff will be travelling around the country seeking support from those local authorities, economic development agencies (EDAs) and Chambers of Commerce who wish to see their regions grow through export clusters including support for 'born global' start-ups by young entreprenuers.


This page last updated on 10 January 2015

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